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Tapestry’s Revolutionary Health Risk Management Platform

At TapestryHealth, we’ve identified a substantial gap in the LTPAC space and have developed a unique platform to address the most pressing challenges LTPAC faces today. Our strategic positioning within the nation’s provider network and alignment with both public and private payors enables us to rapidly scale our health risk management platform and seamlessly integrate it within senior care communities. This empowers facilities to promptly respond to patient change in condition, assessments, risk reports and alerts, ensuring timely and effective care.

We are dedicated to tackling the significant challenges faced by patients, facilities, clinicians and payors within the chronically ill and medically underserved LTPAC population.

Generating Insights and Enabling Interventions

Daily Patient-Centric Analytics

Our easy-to-use, AI-driven risk reporting allows LTPAC facilities to target top residents who are most at risk for adverse health events in the next 72 hours and delivers those insights in a simple and streamlined manner.

Direct Clinical Intervention

We empower LTPAC facilities with on-site clinicians, telehealth, after-hours coverage, behavioral health and medical director capabilities enabling prompt action upon our patient risk reports and alerts.

Continuous Cloud-Based RPM

Through continuous monitoring, we collect thousands of data points per day and conduct thorough analyses to measure subtle changes indicative of future health problems, allowing clinically validated interventions.

Monthly Chronic Care Management Assessments

We integrate bi-directionally with EMRs to access clinically driven patient data. Once reviewed, individualized health assessments on each patient are generated and shared with the caregivers.


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We prioritize continuous improvement, embrace challenges, celebrate wins and learn from failures.


We take a progressive approach with a focus on developing a unique integrated system of patient care accessible for everyone.


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