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AI Data & Analytics Solutions

Bring your post-acute facility into the future of healthcare with artificial intelligence and machine learning technology. Using sophisticated solutions we can help you mitigate clinical risk. Our Artificial Intelligence accurately forecasts adverse health events and patient decline. By looking ahead as much as 72 hours, we help you focus on the patients who are at the highest risk of decline and potential hospitalization, allowing you apply your clinical resources most efficiently and to address risks before they become hospitalizations.

With access to this critical information, clinicians can identify complications before they manifest, and develop personalized treatment plans for each patient, ultimately avoiding costly hospitalizations. Even the smallest, most rural facilities can provide care exceeding the highest industry standards.

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Vitals on a tablet

Vitals Management Program

The goal of our Vitals Management Program is simple: see trouble coming before it strikes and react early. Using contactless radar and radio wave technology, we are able to continually monitor the vital signs of each patient in your facility in real time and track that data over time. A slow increase in pulse or respiratory rate may never be noticed during routine rounds, but our Vitals Management Program will not only catch it, it will immediately send an alert to our monitoring staff for prompt action.

By accessing your EHR data, alerts are put into clinical context for evaluation and if necessary, they are passed on to the facility staff for action. This intuitive solution promotes proactive care and safety while ensuring that your staff is not burdened with excessive alert and alert fatigue.

24/7 Telemedicine

Equip your facility to provide 24/7, connected care through the use of telemedicine services. We employ industry-leading technology which enables our team of clinical experts to deliver timely services no matter the time or location.

Our clinicians work in tandem with your staff to bridge the gap of care and improve coordination, resulting in consistent care and improved health outcomes. We connect directly with patients in the comfort of their own rooms, eliminating the need for transportation and reducing lengthy wait times for appointments. When you need us, when a patient needs us, when a family member needs us, we’re there. And when these services are provided in conjunction with our Vitals Management Program and AI, the facility has a true, proactive after-hours care team.

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Medical Director Support

Access to experienced and knowledgeable leaders is critical to the success of facility operations, staff satisfaction and patient outcomes. We supply medical directors who are trained and AMDA-certified by the Society for Post-Acute and Long-Term Care Medicine to focus on quality assurance and performance (QAPI).

With each placement, our goal is to drive new innovations and improve patients’ quality of life through the implementation of clinical programs, extensive training, and expert advisory. We maintain a close relationship with each facility to address its unique challenges and goals, improving patient outcomes and overall facility performance.

Primary Care Clinicians

Whether a Tapestry clinician is the primary care physician or nurse practitioner, or we are simply providing support in between visits, patients are treated by someone they know and trust. We assign specific clinicians to each facility who get to know staff, patients and their families while also becoming integral parts of daily care teams.

We make daily rounds in conjunction with the nurses on staff, often seeing patients two or three times a day, improving outcomes and reducing hospital readmissions. Our primary care clinicians coordinate closely with care teams to ensure patients receive quality, evidence-based care tailored to meet their needs.

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Behavioral Care

Caring for a patient means caring for both body and mind. We provide clinicians trained in behavioral and psychological services to evaluate and treat the mental health needs of your patients. Issues of depression, bipolar disorder, dementia and schizoaffective disorders are ever-present amongst post-acute facilities and with that come challenges of medication de-escalation and monitoring.

We provide scheduled or emergency support, staff training, family communications and non-pharmaceutical behavioral treatments to help manage the varying degrees of each patient’s needs.

Physician Specialists

Often, patients in rural facilities have no choice but to wait weeks to see a specialist, only to have their condition worsen and require hospitalization. Our network of board-certified specialists improve access to critical, individualized care and promptly tend to a broad range of needs.

Whether your patient requires a cardiologist, neurologist, pulmonologist or anyone from our wide range of specialists, we will coordinate with your interdisciplinary care team and ensure that each patient’s medical needs are addressed comprehensively. No matter the condition, our specialists are standing by to help.

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