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Amazing story over the weekend.

I often speak about our virtual telehealth staff really becoming an integral part of the facilities they work in. Denise, one of our amazing NPs drove down to the facility to take her hospice patient Darayln to the Casino for a day out! 

Daralyn had two items on her wish list, one being her nephew’s wedding and the other being a trip to the casino. 

And she hit a jackpot!

This story is related to the first story I posted, regarding a patient that had to go on hospice because of an inoperable GI bleed. Her first wish was to see her nephew get married, which is happening in less than two weeks.

However, her second wish was to go to the casino near Warren PA. Sarah the LPN and care coordinator could not make that happen with the facility resources or through hospice. So last Saturday I drove from Southern Ohio to Salamanca, New York, booked a room at the casino and resort for two nights.

On Sunday, Sarah (bigggg KUDOS TOO), brought Daralyn to the casino at about 8:30am. We played for awhile, then went to the buffet for lunch. During the eight hours she was there, she managed to turn every machine in to gold. If I could have rigged those games, it would not have been better).

Finally about 4:30pm she told Sarah she was getting tired and needed to head back. Everyday since she has asked Sarah when they are going back!!!

It was a perfect day for a patient with one strong wish that had no family that could arrange it.

What a Great staff at the Manor, and again KUDOS to Sarah for being such a caring and compassionate LPN!!!

Really an amazing team! Thank you Denise and Sarah for making a difference!

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