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TapestryHealth expands to AL, memory care

TapestryHealth, one of the nation’s leading providers of primary care telemedicine services to the skilled nursing industry, is now offering its services to assisted living and memory care providers nationwide.
“Since the pandemic began, we’ve been expanding rapidly, adding skilled nursing facilities and now assisted living and memory care communities every week,” said Chief Operating Officer Mordy Eisenberg. “People are in assisted living situations because they need help. They are all compromised in some way and having access to a primary care physician specializing in geriatric care along with a team of board-certified specialists who can evaluate and treat a patient without ever having them leave their own room is more than just convenient. It’s far more effective and efficient than trying to go to an off-site doctor or get an appointment with a specialist.
“But more important, the ability to be seen almost immediately means that we have the chance to arrest the possible spread of infectious disease, like COVID-19, before it has a chance to circulate throughout the community. It’s just another way that telemedicine contributes to saving lives.”
David Chess, M.D., founder and medical director of TapestryHealth, said the company’s experience understanding seniors’ anxieties and dealing with psychiatric behaviors in skilled nursing settings translates well to working with patients with memory deficits.
“It was a natural evolution for us to extend our service to the many memory care facilities in the country,” Chess said. “Not only are the behaviors found in memory care facilities very similar to those found in SNFs, but people in all situations, especially those with behavioral issues, universally respond better when they are being treated by a clinician they know and trust.”

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