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TapestryHealth partnership with WellStack designed to coordinate multiple platforms pays big dividend

New partnership has super-charged Tapestry’s already powerful team of independent platforms
STAMFORD, Conn., Sept. 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — TapestryHealth has been quietly partnering with several technology-oriented companies operating in the healthcare space as part of their effort to make their Primary Care Practice the most sought-after provider of healthcare in the nursing home industry.
“At our core, we are a primary care practice of doctors, nurses, NPs, PAs and specialists that treat tens of thousands of patients across the country every year. What makes us unique is our extensive deployment of technology-oriented tools to enable that primary care practice to thrive” said Mark Hirschhorn, CEO of Tapestry. Hirschhorn, explained that no clinician can be in two places at once, but one clinician supported with the right technology can be. But that technology is usually so specialized that it takes an entire company’s full effort to realize just one technological application – digital vital signs, contactless monitoring, machine learning and so forth. Enter WellStack. WellStack provides Tapestry with a unified data foundation that consolidates massive volumes of structured and unstructured patient data in near real-time from multiple sources, then normalizes, links and transforms the data to deliver integrated longitudinal information when it’s needed the most.
“We have multiple partners, plus our own proprietary systems for delivering the finest patient-facing product. But it’s still a collection of individual products. WellStack turns those individual units into one cohesive unit, which magnifies their impact exponentially and gives us the ability to coordinate all of the benefits from each of those partnerships into one powerful tool. Their low-code/no-code framework allows for many types of users to quickly run data analysis, which helps improve enterprise-wide decision making, and offers valuable insights to proactively manage patient care” said Stefan Alexa, Chief Technical Officer at Tapestry.
“We are proud to partner with Tapestry and help them deliver the highest level of medical care for their patients,” said Nilesh Patil, WellStack’s Chief Growth & Strategy Officer.

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